Donation shows appreciation! 😊 If you'd like to donate to my blogging efforts, click the link below for my PayPal account. Any amount is greatly appreciated! 💛

*So, you might be wondering why I'm now accepting donations. Well, simply put, I've spent a lot of time and effort here on Enthusiastic Fantastic over the past five years and I wouldn't mind being compensated for my content! 😀

Although blogging is one of my absolute favorite ways to spend my time, it's most definitely not free to keep this happy place up and running on the www! And while it was never my goal to make money at blogging (I felt and still feel that I have something important to contribute to this world through my words!), I'll never turn away the opportunity to contribute to my family's financial well being—I so appreciate that PayPal helps with that!

I tried using Google's Adsense program as a way to make money for my blogging efforts, but it definitely hasn't paid off—both figuratively and literally. After nearly five years of diligently using Adsense—and all of the time and energy I've spent trying to maximize my blog's advertisements—I earned a measly $11.12 total! And they've never sent me a check because I never reached their $100.00 threshold. Pathetic, right?!

Thus, I decided to save everyone (including me!) from the annoyance of advertisements showing up on my blog. Yes, I deleted every bit of Adsense from Enthusiastic Fantastic! Yay me! 😁🙌 But seriously, aren't you so happy about that?! I know I am!

And who knows, maybe if I actually start earning money through blogging (Thank you, generous readers, every little bit helps!), you might find me here more often! 😘

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