Hi, I'm Adrie Peterson! Thank you so much for visiting Enthusiastic Fantastic! Let me take a minute and introduce myself...

I've been blissfully married to Greg for 20 years. The fact that my husband and I adore each other makes us immensely happy! 😍 If you'd like to see a little more of our love, read, "My Beloved"—complete with cheesy photos! 😊

Greg and I have been blessed with three beautiful and amazing children. They are our greatest joys—besides each other!

I truly love being a wife and mother the most! My children are my most celebrated accomplishments—I love teaching, raising, and caring for them! And I sincerely thank my husband every day for supporting my lifelong dream of motherhood!

I'm also a happy piano teacher to 24 students, including my teenage daughter! I love researching anything and everything; serving in my church; dancing to happy music(!); talking with friends; playing the piano; swimming in the ocean(!); performing handstands, cartwheels and walkovers for my children; reading books; rollerblading; spending time in the mountains (I could do without all the bugs!); learning from others; and blogging!

My favorite colors (in no particular order) are white, yellow and blue.

I love shopping and fashion! I have a thing for dresses, shoes, and especially jewelry. Since our budget doesn't allow for indulgences in those areas, I'm really good at creating outfits based on items I find on clearance! 😀 And no, I don't coupon in the ways shown on "Extreme Couponing." I simply believe time is money, and my time is worth more than the time needed for extreme couponing!

In October, 2002, I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism—the autoimmune kind. I dislike writing about health conditions to define a person, but sadly, hypothyroidism is a big part of my life story. Even though I try to ignore the fact that I'm hypothyroid and just go about my daily life, truth is, hypothyroidism has affected every aspect of me.

Speaking of health conditions that affect lives, my oldest son and only daughter have Celiac Disease. If you'd like to know more about how our family lives with such a life-altering diagnosis, please visit my Celiac Disease Information page.

I'm also in recovery mode after having major ankle surgery in August, 2016. If you'd like to know more about my struggles and triumphs related to my injury, see my blog series, "My Fankle Journey."

Some might call me an opinionated lady. There have been many instances when my opinionated nature is an asset, and my world feels so happy! Yet I've had those moments when I wished my tongue hadn't gotten me'self into trouble! Knowing when, where and how best to speak my mind is something I'm continually working on. 😇

I've lived in Utah, Michigan, Colorado and Texas. I've traveled the world, but my favorite places to vacation remain Napa, California; Sun Valley, Idaho; and North Hutchinson Island, Florida—part of the inspiring Treasure Coast. They are all such glorious places!

I've learned a lot in my life and feel very blessed to be where I am today!

But back to how much I love blogging...

"A Fresh Start" was my first post on Enthusiastic Fantastic—it helps explain why I began a new blog. For further clarification, you might also want to read "Create Goodness."

I truly love blogging so very much! I would blog every day if I could! In case you couldn't tell, I tend to get a little long-winded when I write. 😄 Sometimes, I can tame my brain and write neat and concise little posts. Other times, I let myself ramble on way too long...but it's who I am! And since this is my website, I get to do whatever I want! Ha ha. 😁

Our techie society says that blogs should have a theme, but I couldn't pinpoint one because there are so many topics I'm passionate about! Just know that I don't post anything here unless I really want to! Please take comfort in the fact that my enthusiasm for/against any given topic means something!

If you'd like to follow me on other social media sites, here you go!
Facebook—nope, you won't find me there. If you'd like an explanation as to why I'm not on Facebook anymore, please read "Farewell, Facebook!"

Basically, welcome to my little world! I hope you'll find something of value in my words to help you in some way. If not, no worries, just know that I appreciate you stopping by! 😊

P.S. Even though I love being a homemaker, I struggle with keeping my house neat and tidy all the time—meaning it doesn't happen as much as it should. To delve further into my internal daily dilemmas, read "Downton Adrie"...the cleaning struggle is real! Ha ha.

Updated 03/22/2018

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