Friday, December 6, 2013

Create Goodness

The other day, I listened to a great radio program on the Mormon Channel about computer security. While most of the information was old news to me, I still enjoyed all of it. (It made doing the dishes a much happier task!) I was particularly interested to hear about the college/university classes and programs that teach students how to combat/thwart all of the dishonest people and their destructive online programs.

The thought that stuck with me throughout the radio program was the fact that all of the problems on the internet—viruses, trojans, malware, spyware, hacking, etc.—all had to be created by someone. I sat there, wondering, "Why would someone choose to spend their precious Earth time trying to ruin someone else's online experience??" One obvious reason (I think) is because they want to gain access to other people's personal information. In other words, those destructive folks want the quick and easy way to someone else's money. It was a sad and frustrating thought to me.

I thought to myself, "If those online fraudsters would spend half as much time creating something interesting, beautiful, good, or useful, we could have some really amazing things in our world! What if, once in a while, they offered to share their talented selves with others doing meaningful service? What if they used their talents and were paid for creating goodness? Instead, they choose to spend their talents in mean, dishonest ways. What an annoying and time-consuming loss to our society!"

Then I recalled the video I came across shortly after I began writing this blog. The video is titled, "Create". I've included it here because it inspired me to keep going with my blog—even though my desire to keep going is not really the issue at hand. I would blog every day if I had time! Scratch that...actually, I have time, we all have time! I just choose to spend most of my time taking care of my family, friends, and fellow church members—who are also my friends. :)

As I've said before, one of the main reasons I started this blog was due to my desire to create something good online. But I've also realized—over my many years of being active on the internet—that even though there are so many great things to read and watch, I've spent too many of my allotted internet hours consuming what other people have created. I've thought many times, "Wow, I can't believe what time it is!" But after all that time I'd spent online, I hadn't created anything of value! All I'd done is consume what others had created.

Please don't misunderstand me: I'm so grateful to those people who have spent their time and used their marvelous minds sharing with the world what they feel is important! I love researching new discoveries, and I will absolutely share them on this blog when it feels right! :) Yet I've wondered, "What have I contributed to this world? What am I sharing with others?" I think that thought ought to apply to everyone. Think about it. What have you created and shared with others lately? :)

And I don't think we need to feel like our creative and inspirational efforts must apply to the entire world. Hardly anyone will achieve the inspirational status of Nelson Mandela. (I'm sad he's gone "home", but, as we all know, we will all go home to Heaven eventually. What a marvelous example he was to all of us!) I don't think we should have our ultimate goal be massive recognition, either. I think our "create and inspire" goal should mainly apply to our own families and friends—basically the people in our little circles of life. Hey, if someone is able to positively affect millions, well that's awesome! Good for them! :) Yet, I don't expect thousands of readers to start following my little blog. I'm just putting into words what I feel, experience, or think about. If anyone happens to like what they read, then great! :) If not, I shrug my shoulders and say, "Oh well, maybe my family will read it one day..." Then again, maybe not! Ha ha. :)

In the end, my words will live on for my little family, hopefully for generations to come. Yes, I think positively influencing our families and future generations—in one form or another—should be one of our very top priorities. We should create goodness for our loved ones in every area of their lives! :) I truly wish every talented hacker would think about their talents and really analyze what they could positively contribute to this world. I know I have lofty ideals, but they are mine and I'm happy to live with makes my world a pretty great place. :)

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