Saturday, December 28, 2013

Fun Family Moments

This morning as my darling daughter and I were eating breakfast together, she joyfully raised both of her arms and exclaimed, "I love our house! I mean, our home!" She and I shared a happy moment of looking around our house and hugely smiling at each other. :)

After renting and living in a house that was not ours for two-and-a-half years (in Texas), you cannot imagine the happiness we feel at just being in OUR HOME. I thought our excitement for our house would have worn off by now, but the opposite seems to have happened. Our love and appreciation for our home has actually intensified over the past six months! Hey, I'm not complaining, it's just surprising. The happy feelings that come from knowing we can decorate our home's walls just as we like, and not being afraid when something breaks in our home—because it's our choice when and how we choose to fix it—are simply wonderful! Being home is bliss!

Every day, I make an effort to go into each room of our home and just appreciate everything the room has to offer. There is truly a joyful and peaceful feeling in every room of our lovely little 70s home. I am grateful every day for our spot on Earth!

After my darling daughter and I were finished reveling in our happiness for living in our home, I began dancing in my chair. My daughter shook her head and said, "Mom, why are you dancing? There's no music!"

I explained, "Oh yes there is, there's music in my head!" She rolled her eyes and laughed. I continued, "In my head, there is always music so I'm always dancing! It's like there's a movie in my head anytime I want to go there!" :) She just lovingly looked at me like I was c-r-a-z-y.

At that moment, Greg walked in singing a song. I said, "Well, there's music in my head until Greg provides other music for me to dance to!" and I danced in my chair again.

Greg said, "Yeah, there's always something going on in Mom's Adrie World!"

Laughing, my daughter said, "Welcome to Adrie World!"

I replied, "And you can come visit any time you want!" Ha ha.

I'm grateful my fabulous family gets me and loves me in spite of myself. Those four wonderful people are my happy place!

As I told my youngest son this morning, "Giving birth to you and your brother and sister [And being home to raise them!] are the best things I've ever done—besides marrying your dad. There will never be anything that tops those experiences in my life!"

It's true. Being a wife and mother is the best experience in this world! I cherish every moment I've been given with my little family.

And now I must go put a few shelving units together. Yes, we're still unpacking our basement. I did a great job of unpacking for a long time, but then we became so busy with other things that I took too long of a break. but thanks to this lovely Christmas holiday, I've decided to get myself back into gear and finish as much as I can before school begins again.

Yay for fun family moments! :)

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