Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Fresh Start

Wow, where to begin. I can't believe that today I'm actually starting a new blog! I'm so excited! :)

I've been thinking of creating a public blog for several months. The private blog I began writing a little over five years ago, "Adrie World" has been such a wonderful part of my life! Writing it helped me through some very hard times, but some really great times as well. Yet, with our recent move from Texas to Utah, I've felt this stirring inside of me—one that I wasn't exactly sure what to do with. I've also had quite a few interactions with others recently, and personal experiences, that have led me to know that I am supposed to begin a new and public blog. Also, as sad as it was for me to discover, I've felt over and over that it was time to let go of "Adrie World". When I finally figured out that all of these changes needed to occur, I was like, "WHAT?!", but I've happily come to terms with it. :)

After thinking about creating a new blog, and praying about how I should proceed, I talked with my wonderful husband, Greg. We decided together that it was indeed time for me to have a fresh start with a new/public blog...so here it is! Oh, and I have my three wonderful children's "okays" for creating "Enthusiastic Fantastic"! I explained everything to them, and they're all on board. By the way, I won't be writing exclusively about my children, for I want them to be able to create their own lives on the web—as they desire—without a lot of prior chatter interfering from their dear, sweet, mother! Ha ha. I gave that disclaimer because I don't want this blog to suggest that I am self-centered. I just feel everyone should be able to share what they want online without other people butting-in.

I really don't know where this blog will take me because I don't have any grand plans. All I know is that I want to share my thoughts, feelings, opinions and experiences with the world. And by the way, sharing myself with the world is such a scary thing for me! I am naturally on the cautious side when it comes to sharing my feelings with people I don't know. Also, I worry about all of the "crazy" people in the world. *So if you're "crazy", please don't harass me, or post mean comments, or stalk me, or freak me out—okay?!! Ha ha. Just kidding. Sort of. Seriously, don't do anything that would make me call the cops on you!

I can't promise any specific posting schedule because I am a wife and mother first and foremost. I daily need to take care of my family, for example: doing the dishes and laundry; vacuuming; organizing; grocery shopping; general house cleaning, etc., etc. That said, you must know that I love love love blogging! Oh, blogging makes me so happy!

I've realized through my time writing in "Adrie World" that I have made some great progress—personally speaking. To see that I consistently want to blog, shows me that blogging has a very specific place in my life. It's something that I truly want to do. I don't feel any pressure from anyone to blog—it's just in me. I simply want to blog every day! Of course, that doesn't mean that I will blog every day, just that I want to. :)

Yay for fresh starts!!!

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