Saturday, December 20, 2014

My Beloved

Today at my mom's awesome family Christmas party, my brother-in-law, Mason, gave me a CD filled with photos (234!) from my little family's photo shoot we did near the end of September. He edited many of our photos and gave me the rest untouched—per my request—as I didn't want him spending an inordinate amount of time retouching them. Plus, I also enjoy basic photos that show real life! :)

I love all of our photos, even the fuzzy and blurry ones! Of course, I love the photos he edited for us the very most, as Mason works magic with his artistic eye and attention to perfection! As I already said multiple times tonight, Thank you, Mason!!!

When Greg and I had our anniversary a while ago, I created two typographic designs of scriptures (The Song of Solomon 2:16 and 4:7) that describe the unending love I feel for him. What's even better is that those lovely scriptures are completely applicable to both Greg and I! I'm so grateful we don't have a one-sided marriage. I love that we are equals in our love and adoration for each other. I didn't know if I would ever share my happy designs publicly, or just enjoy them privately. Now that I have these wonderful photos from our family photo shoot, I feel the need to pair my typographic designs with them!

I am so truly blessed to have had my wonderful and spotless husband continually at my side for 17+ amazing years of marriage. I will never get over my excitement and utter joy that Greg and I will have each other for eternity!!

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