Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Mackenzie Day

12 years ago today, my family lost our sweet Mackenzie. If you'd like to know more of her story, please read the Church News article, "Mackenzie's Dance". I've included the link to her story previously, but I feel it's worth sharing again.

Even though the years have passed,
my heartache and tears for my baby sister have not...

Yet I know Mackenzie does not want us to miss her so terribly and cry such sad tears, so I am doing something different this year. I put together this typographic design with several things (but it's definitely not an all-inclusive list) that represented Mackenzie's unending and amazing goodness.

To honor Mackenzie, I would love it if you will choose at least one thing from Mackenzie's list and do it today.  I plan to celebrate "Mackenzie Day" each and every February 11th from here on out! :)

*Mackenzie, my darling, smarty-pants, beautiful sister, I love you so very very much!!!

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