Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Celiac Disease: Gluten Free is NOT a Fad

This is the third post in my series about celiac disease.

While researching celiac disease for my series, I came across different articles that talked about how eating gluten free is just a fad, or unnecessary, or laughable, or simply a money-maker for manufacturers. I've also seen many movies, skits, commercials, TV shows, and read magazine snippets, where people actually make fun of others for eating gluten free. That way of thinking irks me to no end!

Yes, there are people out there who eat gluten free even when there's no legitimate medical reason to do so. So I can almost understand where the jokes are coming from. Almost. What I wish I could say to everyone who makes fun of gluten-free anything is this,
Stop it! You never know who is truly suffering from celiac disease. It's not your place to judge if someone should be eating gluten free, or not. Leave the gluten-free peeps alone! 
Not to mention, I greatly appreciate the fact that when more people choose to eat gluten free, more manufacturers are enticed into the gluten-free market! Thus, more competition brings down the price of gluten-free products! 
Besides, who would actually choose to spend twice to three times as much money on their food just so they can eat gluten free?! Not me! Not my family! We do not buy gluten-free food just so we can drain our bank account as quickly as possible! Ugh.
But to cover the other side of the gluten-free coin, I'd like to say this to people who can eat gluten, but choose not to,
Gluten is yummy! :) I love gluten! (As long as it doesn't contaminate my children, of course.) If it weren't for my children's gluten-free needs, I'd have a gluten party at my house every day! ;) 
For most people, gluten is an inexpensive and good protein source. If there's no medical reason for you to avoid gluten, don't fear it! If you can eat gluten, you should!
Here are just a few of the articles I found about how eating gluten free is just a fad. I will try to contain my frustrated feelings. :-|

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