Sunday, August 3, 2014

My Amazing Teacher Husband

Today, my wonderful husband, Greg, was released from his church calling as one of our ward's gospel doctrine teachers. He served in his calling for nearly one year and I wasn't ready for him to be released yet! :(

The reason for his release is because he was called to be our bishop's executive secretary, i.e., the Bishop's Sidekick. ;) Don't misunderstand me, I'm thoroughly happy Greg was called to work closely with our bishop because he (our bishop) is a great man. I'm truly so pleased for Greg's association with the many great men in our ward. We have been continually blessed by the stalwart members of this ward! Like I've said before, our wonderful ward members will never fully understand how much they mean to our family! :)

This isn't the first time Greg has been a bishop's sidekick. When we lived in Colorado, Greg was also our ward's executive secretary. Our family was significantly blessed because of Greg's association with our fantastic Colorado bishop—he grew spiritually by leaps and bounds! Greg was already a spiritual giant in my eyes, so his growth was impressive to behold.

Anyway, back to my feelings about Greg as our ward's gospel doctrine teacher. He was an amazing teacher. He captivated his audience throughout each and every one his lessons—at least it felt that way to me! Greg gave us many points to ponder long after the lesson concluded. He connected with as many people as he could. Greg made us laugh, and he made me cry in the best way possible. I'm guessing he brought tears to other people's eyes, but I can't speak for them. :) Although, Greg received the nicest note from a previous gospel doctrine teacher that gushed about his teaching abilities. And he mentioned several folks in our ward who individually thanked him for his lessons, which is always so lovely to hear! I think it's safe to say he made an impact.

Greg was uber dedicated in studying the lesson material four weeks in advance. And he continued to study until the night before he taught the lesson on Sunday. Because he was an early morning seminary teacher when we lived in Texas, I feel he was an even better gospel doctrine teacher! Those Texas high school kids were so blessed to have Greg influence them!

I wanted to digitally record Greg's lesson today, but I refrained because I want to keep my lovely front-row memory of him tucked in my mind for future daydreaming. :) I know, I'm so cheesy! But I can't help it. I love being taught eternal truths by the love of my life! I am a better woman because I've been married to Greg for the past 16+ years. I know he would say the same about me. :) Neither of us are perfect, but we are definitely better because we're together!

If you couldn't tell, I relished and cherished every minute of Greg's lesson presentation today. I wished our Sunday School hour wouldn't end! Alas, all good things must come to a finale. (I just couldn't repeat end one more time, so I wrote finale instead! Ha ha.) I'm just grateful for all of the joyous Sundays I spent listening to my eternal companion teach gospel truths. Now, another wonderful ward member will be able to benefit from the gospel doctrine teaching opportunity.

I meant to take a photo of Greg and I after church today, but I forgot. It didn't help that we were on different schedules. We were also a bit tired from attending to ward/church duties early this morning until late this afternoon. Thus, here is a photo of us on Father's Day. It's a bit fuzzy because it was taken on my smarty phone, but I love it! :) I'm overjoyed that Greg will be standing by my side throughout eternity!


  1. Awe you are too kind...I love that you loved my lessons! You are my best friend and I love you!!

  2. Thank you, Greg, you are everything to me! xoxo


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