Monday, September 15, 2014

Food & Communication

This post's title might cause you to think that I'm writing something deep about food and communication. Gotcha! I'm not writing a psychological post at all! I know, I'm so mean. ;)

Actually, it's time for me to share two more great websites with all of you! *Before I share, please know that I'm not being compensated in any way for sharing these delightful sites on my blog. I simply want to share two more places online that are safe, interesting, fun and yummy! (They're yummy in different ways!) For full disclosure, you must know that I personally know the owners of said awesome websites. I think very highly of each of them, and I give my full support of their creations!

For the Love of Food is an excellent cooking blog dedicated to the recipes Rachelle has made personally—and they have received her "seal of approval."

Note: she doesn't actually give her "seal of approval" like an award, I just wrote that for fun! But it's not a bad idea! She could call her award, The Rachelle Star! It sounds good, right?! (Just ask my husband, I'm full of good ideas! ;))

Even though I've not made any of Rachelle's recipes, every food she's made and shared with me is amazingly yummy! She is truly a fabulous cook, so I completely trust her recipe recommendations!

The visual communication guy aims to improve visual literacy.

Before I found Curtis' blog (through his darling wife), I had no clue what visual literacy was! I guess you could call me visually illiterate! Ha ha. ;) In all seriousness, I've really enjoyed perusing his content, but I admit I haven't read everything he's written.

I have several favorite posts, but here's my current fav, Bacon Punctuation: A Sentence about Bacon for Every Use of Punctuation. It's hilarious and informative. I honestly think every English teacher should print Bacon Punctuation and use it as an exercise for their students! Or, parents could read it to their children as a fun Family Home Evening activity!

By the by, I shudder to think if Mr. Newbold ever read my blog, for I know my grammar is at times atrocious! That said, I can't refrain from blogging!

I hope you enjoy their websites as much as I have! Now, I must sign-off and go make something for dinner. Yes, I know what time it is...don't judge me! ;)


  1. Thanks for posting this Adrie! That was really nice of you. And hey maybe I'll consider the whole "Rachelle Star" idea! ;)

  2. You're so very welcome, Rachelle! :)


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