Monday, July 25, 2016

Quick Blogspot Update

I came to a somewhat sad realization today. Blogger has changed their Dashboard policies. :( It used to be that you could follow any and all Blogspot blogs, whether public or private. (They're technically Blogger —i.e., Google—blogs, but they use the .blogspot web address.) Yet today, as I was looking for my friends and family member's private blog links in my Blogger Dashboard (so I could catch up on their lives), I didn't find any of them! Boo!

Yes, Blogger "told" me that we're no longer allowed to follow private blogs! Actually, their pop-up window said, "Cannot follow private blog" and included the web address of the blog I tried to follow. Blerg.

Thus, I had to reach really far inside my brain files to remember my friends' private blog web addresses! Thankfully, I was able to remember a few of them, but some continue to elude me! So sad face! I understand Google's need to streamline the Blogger Dashboard, but I'm not happy about their update because I no longer have my people's private blog links!

I just had to put my frustration out there. :) So if any of my friends/family with private blogs are reading this, please email me your blog address, otherwise I'll miss out on your fun life happenings!

Thanks a bunch for "listening," I feel so much better now! :)

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