Thursday, January 30, 2014

He Wants More For Us and From Us

To save myself a bit of writing time, I'll introduce this blog post with my facebook post from this morning.
"Last night Greg felt impressed/inspired (through the Holy Ghost, i.e., the Spirit) to call an out-of-state friend that he has known for several years (through previous employment). His friend was so happy Greg called him. You see, his friend had been wanting to contact Greg for a while, but had lost all of his contacts when he broke his cell phone. Greg's friend had contacted other mutual friends, but none of them had Greg's number either. 
During the conversation with his friend, Greg was given some very pertinent information relating to some of his (Greg's) previous employment situations. (Sorry, I must stay vague.) Long story short, Greg was 'shown' yet again that all of his employment changes and our family's moves had to happen exactly the way they happened! 
It's utterly amazing to see what our little family has gone through, where we've ended up, and especially why we had to make all of those changes. *As much as I have struggled with having to move and start over so many times, everything has happened for many definite reasons! 
Yes, Greg and I have witnessed many miraculous situations and events in our lives. Truly, great things can happen to us, and for us, when we follow Jesus Christ's example and live our lives in harmony with our Heavenly Father's plan—and not only listen, but continue to faithfully follow the gentle, comforting, guiding voice of the Spirit.
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P.S. Greg was happy to find out this information, but I think it has positively affected me more than him. I needed to hear this news more than I ever realized. I'm beyond grateful for this knowledge!!!"
Because of the above written experience, I've been utterly humbled today as I've pondered the many life-changing events of the past 16+ years of Greg's and my marriage. Thus, I prayed (and cried) in humble gratitude for quite a while this morning. My mind was overcome with swirling memories of our time living in Utah, Colorado, Texas, and now back to Utah. I could perfectly recall so many conversations and prayers that Greg and I have had over those trying years. Truly, that gift of fascinating information given to Greg last night was the culmination of our endless prayers since 2004.

10 years is a long time to wait for certain resolution to many intense life-path questions. Yet at the time Greg and I were making our decisions, we definitely received our answers from our Heavenly Father (through prayer, serving others, attending the temple regularly, fasting, and faithfully paying our tithing and fast offerings). Those many answers were most certainly tender mercies from the Lord.

This is not the only time I've been overwhelmed with the answers, i.e., the tender mercies, we've received. But it is the first time I can clearly see that every question we've had—in relation to Greg's employment and where our family was to live—has been completely and fully answered. There are zero wonderings left in my mind as to how things were supposed to work out for our little family. I can't begin to describe the peace inside my soul!

And as I've reflected on those 10 years of our family's struggles, accomplishments, disappointments, and joys, I can see with crystal clarity the amazing growth we've attained—not only as a family, but individually!

This experience has also reiterated to me just how much the Lord—our Savior, Jesus Christ—is actively involved in our daily lives. Even when we think He's not paying attention to us, He most assuredly is involved in the smallest, most intimate details of our lives! He wants more for us and from us! He knows what we can become. He knows how to make us stronger. He knows how to temper us, enrich our souls, and help our faith and testimonies grow. He knows how to increase our very beings to become more like Him and our Father in Heaven!

Because He knows all, we must continue to put our faith in Him. We must not allow ourselves to flounder in uncertainty. If we put our trust in Him, everything really will work out exactly the way our beloved Heavenly Father (God) desires for us...we will become our very best, highest selves!

Finally, I created this typographic design today because I was so overcome with joy! :)

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