Tuesday, May 6, 2014

DIY Moving Tips: Unpacking Your New Home

This is my sixth and final installment of my DIY Moving Tips!

Wow! You've made it through your big move, and now you're ready to unpack your new home! I truly believe that establishing a new life in a new home is one of the most exciting events we get to experience!

After completing 11 moves, I believe you should unpack your house in the following order, below. *Remember, you should still have your suitcase packed with supplies to sustain you for two weeks. And I understand that every home has a different number of rooms, so my advice might not apply to everyone—but the general ideas are the same.
  • Put your mattresses in your bedrooms. It doesn't matter if the mattresses are on their frames yet, just make sure you have a comfortable place to sleep that first night.
  • Organize a media area, i.e., television and couch or chairs, so everyone can take a break once in a while. *Don't spend a lot of time on this—you should be spending the majority of your time unpacking the rest of your home now.
  • Unpack your entire kitchen. This will help you feel normal (What's normal anyway?! Ha ha.) because then mealtimes will be easier, not frustrating. When people are nourished, life goes much more smoothly!
  • Laundry room. This is essential to keep everyone going. It's no fun feeling like you have no clean clothes to wear!
  • Bathrooms. Everyone loves to relax with showers or baths, and a clean, organized bathroom is essential to this feeling of relaxation. Plus, bathrooms are easy and fast to unpack. It will make you feel like you've accomplished something great! :)
  • Bedrooms will help you feel that you are home!
  • Family room. This can take the place of your media area. Then your family will have a central gathering place to spend time together.
  • Closets
  • Living room
  • Dining room
  • Basement/storage room
  • Hang pictures on the walls. I usually do this last because, at this point, you should have all of your belongings where you want them.
  • List your unpacked boxes online for free, or give them to someone who could use them. Try not to recycle them unless there is truly no other option!
  • Above all else, make sure you finish unpacking all of your boxes. You'll definitely be exhausted, but don't give up! There is nothing worse than having a move drag on for months. Get enough sleep, and don't quit unpacking until your last box is empty! :)
  • Create a lovely atmosphere in your home. This means something different to everyone, but do what's necessary to help your home feel happy and peaceful to you and yours. I promise, the effort is totally worth it!
*To conclude my series, I have two final thoughts. The first thought is from me, the second thought is from my husband.
  1. Give yourself about one year to completely adjust to life in your new home. We've usually started to feel better at six months post move, but we don't feel fully at home until about one year has passed. It's a lovely feeling to finally feel settled! :)
  2. Greg said his most important moving tip is this: Don't move. Ha ha!
Good luck with your move! I wish you the best!

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