Sunday, June 29, 2014

Another Reason I Was Late to Church

This morning, I was running a little behind in getting ready for church (maybe 10 minutes?). See my previous blog post for an explanation. :) My husband gathered our children to drive to church, and I was going to follow as soon as I was ready. Suddenly, my husband banged on the front door, which doesn't happen unless he's working in the yard or hanging Christmas lights.

One of our children answered the door and Greg called out, "Adrie, this was on the front porch for you." I was confused until my son brought me a scripture bag with my name tagged on it. Greg cutely said, "Somebody loves you!" I laughed because I was truly, totally and utterly surprised at the gift. My heart did the happiest little dance!

Rewind to last Sunday, at the end of our ward's Gospel Doctrine Sunday School class. Greg and I chatted as I gathered my things. An older gentleman came over and made a comment about how much stuff I had. He jokingly wondered how much weight I brought with me to church every Sunday? I laughed because I must have been quite the sight with my purse, church bag, and large scriptures that I kept in their original boxes! See below for an illustration. (See how worn the boxes are?!)

I kept my scriptures in their original boxes simply because I didn't want them to get ruined in my roomy and open church bag—it doesn't have any type of closure. I always planned on buying a new scripture bag that's made especially to protect beautiful leather scriptures, but somehow that purchase has been put on our budget back burner for over a year and four months!

Back to the older gentleman and his comment. I said something like, "Yeah, I bring a lot of stuff to church!" I could see him chuckling at my scripture boxes, so I briefly explained why I still had them. He chuckled some more and we went on our merry way.

As evidenced by the lovely doorstep present I received this morning, someone else in our Gospel Doctrine class must have heard what I said about my scripture boxes. I'm deeply touched that she would go to the trouble of getting me a scripture bag—and in the correct size, nonetheless! I don't know who gave it to me, but the tag with my name on it clearly said, "A girl made me!" I mean, who thinks to do something so awesome like that?! My amazing ward members. That's who.

Yes, our ward has enveloped our family in kindness, generosity, true affection and appreciation. Their continuing thoughtfulness makes my heart swell. They'll never fully understand what their actions mean to me, i.e., they mean the world to me!

Thus, I arrived at church even later than I planned, but I didn't even care! Nope, not one little bit! For I had to take a photo of my new scripture bag before I removed the name tag and packed it up with my lovely scriptures, pens, pencil, study guide, and notebook! Yes, this was a moment that I needed to document.

Thank you, secret ward friend, from the bottom of my heart, for being so thoughtful! You get major bonus points in Heaven for your lovely service! :)

P.S. To clarify, we aren't destitute. ;) We just know what we can afford and a scripture bag wasn't high on my purchase priority list because my boxes were doing the job, albeit noisily! Ha ha. That said, I love that I don't have to think about making that purchase anymore!

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