Sunday, June 29, 2014

Three to Share

I admit, I could post much more often on my blog than I currently do. While I spend much of my time doing the "best" things in life, I spend a fair amount of time doing "good" things, when I could be doing "better" or "best". I'm referring to one of my favorite talks—by one of my favorite men I've never met, "Good, Better, Best" by Elder Dallin H. Oaks. Please watch or read it! :)

One of those "good" things I'm referring to is surfing the web. I'm a super awesome web surfer...which can sometimes be a bad thing. But I honestly love seeking out and researching all of the good, inspiring, lovely, wonderful, artistic, intelligent, etc., things I find online...or, at least what I can get my hands on! So, sometimes, I feel my time spent researching all of those wonderful things online can actually count as "better", and even "best"! Or, at least that's what I tell myself to justify my time spent online... ;)

As I've said before, I truly love sharing all of those wonderful finds with my small world. From a spiritual standpoint, there are times when I actually feel compelled to share. It's like if I don't share, then I will regret it. Not in a terrifying way, just in a "you'll regret it" way. Today is one of those days. Besides the amazing General Conference address I shared above, I have two wonderful blog posts to share with you! :)

I found this first post "Together We Stand", on the blog "The Moments We Stand". I've read a few of Ashlee's posts and really enjoyed them. This post stood out to me because it has such a universal message. I highly encourage you to read it and share with those you love! :)

Lastly, I've known about Meg Johnson since our family vacation to Utah in the summer of 2012. (I'm sorry, but I must say {for the thousandth time!} that I'm so glad/happy/thrilled/ecstatic I live in Utah again!!!) I was randomly looking through Walmart's books and found her lovely little book "When Life Gets Hard". It totally jumped out at me because I was in the middle of our "where are we going to end up moving to next" struggle, and I need some uplifting words. I'm so glad I bought her book! I enjoyed every word Meg wrote and was bummed when the book ended.

I emailed some of my family members about Meg's book, highly recommending that they read it. My mom read it and subsequently bought copies for herself and others. Yay me! ;) Sorry for the prideful moment, I was just really happy I could introduce my family members to something upliftingly stellar, and helpful, to the people I love! I'm guessing upliftingly isn't a real word, but I don't care. ;) I like it.

While researching about Meg, I was delighted to find she had a website and blog. I've followed her blog for a while now, but I never delved into all of her other online content. Today, though, I felt prompted to research more deeply, and I'm so glad I did!

I was thrilled when I found "Meg's Monthly Message – March 2014", in her "Monthly Message" section. When I finished reading her wise words, I instantly thought, "I'm totally sharing this on facebook!" But my next thought was, "No, I need to share this with a broader audience. Besides, who knows if all of my 340+ facebook friends actually read what I post on facebook anyway? How many of my facebook friends have 'unfollowed' me, but still remain my 'friend'? I should put it on my blog instead." So, here it is! Please take 10 minutes out of your busy day to read Meg's words. I promise you won't regret it. :)

I wholeheartedly endorse Meg's book and website content (at least what I've researched thus far!). I'm sure I could spend hours exploring her inspiring and happy words, but I must go get ready for church. For today, I'll be teaching a combined lesson on Family Home Evening to our Young Men and Young Women. Please say a prayer for me that what I've prepared goes over well with our Youth. I hope they enjoy what I have to share!

P.S. I don't have time to edit this post right now. I'll have to save that for later!

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