Thursday, February 12, 2015

10,000 Thank Yous

I want to give a huge thank you to everyone who reads Enthusiastic Fantastic. I don't have a large readership, but I truly thank those of you who have read and continue to read my words. :) I know you all have so many ways to spend your time (Aren't we all so busy with life?!), so the fact that any of you would want to read my thoughts, well it means a lot...a lot, a lot a lot! (That last italicized part is a movie quote from The Parent Trap, 1998. I love that movie!)

Granted, I will happily continue blogging regardless of how many people are reading or how many views my blog receives. (My heart swells with joy when I blog!!) That said, I appreciate your support even more because my little blog just passed 10,000 views! To those fancy-schmancy-high-powered bloggers, my excitement must truly be small potatoes (and probably worth a chuckle), but to me, it's a significant number. 10k views are even more fun because after writing on my personal blog, Adrie World, for five years, my end total views was a mere 8,035. Thus my excitement for 10k views in less than two years is—in my mind—absolutely justified! :)

What I wish is that I was blogging more consistently. I have no excuse other than I'm busy being a wife, mother, and ward Young Women presidency member. My days are filled with serving the people I love and I'm happy with my decision. :) But I definitely want to blog more often—I have umpteen thoughts continually rolling around in my mind, so hopefully I'll be able to spit some of them out shortly! :) Until then, I hope everyone is having a super great day!

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