Friday, February 20, 2015

ABSolutely Fantastic!

Today my friend shared this video (below) she found on Facebook. It completely inspired me—I cannot wait to try it for my ab workout tomorrow! I'll let you know how I do with it...I'm guessing I won't be as proficient at it as these amazing young gymnasts. But since I was a gymnast for many years of my youth, and I've been doing P90X for the past seven-and-a-half-months (only three-days-per-week, mind you), I think I actually have a decent shot of making it to the end! I may be a bit optimistic, but optimism never hurt anyone, right?! ;) I'll give it my very best efforts! I wonder if Tony Horton (of Beachbody's P90X) has seen this genius and fun workout?! I'm pretty sure Mr. Horton would love it!

You go girls! You're absolutely fantastic!! :)

*Update 02/21/15, 11:20 p.m.
This morning I turned on my TV and Roku, and pulled up the video (above) on our YouTube channel. I was a little nervous to try the video, seeing that those girls are in such fabulous shape (Sorry, the cheesiness escaped me!), but I was also totally excited!! There were a few spots that I wasn't as speedy as they are: 1:13 (the first pike-up), 1:25 (individual leg pike-ups) and 2:41 (fast in'n'out crunches {I don't know what else to call them!}).

Even though sometimes I completed the moves a little later than they did, I'm thrilled I was able to finish the entire video! Yay me! I'm not being prideful here. I'm just so pleased this old body of mine can still keep up with my desires! If I keep practicing the video, I know I'll eventually catch up to their speed!

I will say this: At 4:00, their side v-ups are easier than the ones on Ab Ripper X. So, for once in my life, I felt pretty advanced! Thanks Tony! ;) In case you're wondering what I'm talking about, the side v-ups on Ab Ripper X have the bottom arm on the ground next to the body, by the thigh. It's definitely harder to do it that way than extending the bottom arm out, away from the body. And after I finished this happy ab video, I did Yoga X—it's one of my favorites!

Anyway, I'm just excited that all of my hard work exercising this past year has paid off! I was completely surprised and delighted that I could keep up with those fit gymnasts! Again, don't get me wrong, I'm not as precise in my movements as they are, but hey, it's not too bad for a mother of three in her late thirties! (Nope, I'll not share my age! Ha ha.)

*I debated not sharing this photo for many negative reasons...which I won't explain. :) Yet I decided to share it because of the following positive reasons:
  1. I've worked hard to be fit and I'm utterly happy with my healthy body. I love knowing I'm doing my very best to take good care of this body I've been blessed with. I hope our Heavenly Father is pleased with my efforts in caring for the marvelous gift he's given me.
  2. I'm wearing my little sister's ballet leotard. I will always miss Mackenzie! I know she would love the fact that I'm still happily using something she loved.
  3. Mackenzie's leotard fits me better now than it has in years.
  4. To show it's absolutely possible to get one's body into shape—even after giving birth to three babies!
  5. I miss doing gymnastics. I need to wear leotards more often when I workout. :)
Now, I must get ready for comes early tomorrow morning!

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