Saturday, October 24, 2015

Sincerely, Adrie

Sincerity is a word that keeps popping up in my life. For whatever reason, many people think I'm insincere. This problem (of judging me to be insincere) doesn't happen frequently, mind you, but it does happen pretty consistently and it bothers me. If I let myself linger on this issue for too long, my heart is rubbed raw.

Yes, it's those little comments (or lack thereof), incredulous looks, eye rolls, whispers, gossiping about me, etc., that make me want to stop communicating openly with our world. (Don't worry, I won't stop! But if you do want me to stop communicating, I say, "Too bad for you!" Ha ha.) Before any of you think I'm nutty (Too late!) or that I made all of this up, please know that I've found out what has been said about me because a few caring souls have shared those difficult bits of information with me. While it hurts to hear those words, I'm grateful for their honesty.

I simply wish people could understand that I really am this enthusiastic about life! :) I really do care that much! I really am this happy! :) And when I get upset, it's for real. Is it too much to ask for a little trust?

I think that's been one of the hardest parts of my enthusiastic life: many people think I'm fake, or that I have a hidden agenda. Well, news flash, people of Earth, I'm just Adrie! I don't have an agenda, other than truly wanting what's best for everyone—including me! :)

Even though I won't welcome everyone directly into my personal life, my heart swells with love and concern for pretty much everyone. While I won't include any verified evil and/or dangerous people into that mix, I absolutely and truly wish everyone well.

Also? I don't like fake people, either, so why would I ever want to be fake like fake people?! Hi! I wouldn't! Yet who's to say that those perceived "fake" people are really fake? What if they really are being sincere, just like me?! That's definitely something for all of us to think about.

I'm guessing you're wondering what spurred this post. Well, I'm a very silly lady because the straw that broke my happy blogging back was the fact that, last week, my comment wasn't published on another blogger's post. I know, I'm so lame! ;) In addition, I realized said blogger was publishing other comments made on their post after I submitted mine. It simply bummed me out. I was like, "Why? What did I say that was so unpublishable in comparison to the 53 other comments you did choose to publish?" Based on previous experiences, I had a sneaking suspicion their lack of publishing had to do with my lack of believability. #sosadface

For the record, I understand how/why bloggers moderate their comments. I used to moderate comments on my old blog, but because I receive very few comments on this blog, I don't worry about it anymore. That said, if I ever did receive a highly inappropriate comment, I would delete it. But I never felt in the least that my unpublished blog comment was inappropriate. Thus, their choice not to publish my words is a puzzlement to me.

What I'd like said blogger (who will never read this post!) to know is this:
I don't comment on other blogs unless I really feel the need, or there's good reason for me to do so. I'm also very picky about which blogs I follow in the first place, so the fact that I'm reading your blog says something. I have no problem unfollowing blogs, either. Please note: I'm still debating whether to unfollow your blog! Besides, my short comment was extremely supportive, happy, helpful and sincere!
But that's all in the past. I let my disbelief that my comment wasn't published simmer down and I chucked it in the trash days ago! Ha ha. Isn't that a great visual of what I did with my bummed-out-edness?!

In addition to my silly blogging blues, over the past couple of weeks, I've encountered a few instances where I realized yet again that some people just can't "take me," or don't enjoy my enthusiastic personality as much as I do. ;) While I'm not surprised that these "I can't take you" events keep popping up, they definitely get old.

Yet at this point, I'm feeling like those people—who can't take me—are the elderly cranky-pants jibber-jabbering man you can't take anywhere! Ha ha. For reference, please see one of my faaavorite Studio C videos..."Hey!! I'm the one orderin' here!"

Wasn't that hilarious?! I laugh out loud every time I watch it! But back to my thoughts...

These recent experiences remind me (Yes, I'm always learning!) that life is too short to worry about things that don't improve our lives. We shouldn't waste time worrying about what others think of us because we can only be who we are and it's impossible to please everyone 100% of the time.

That said, I do understand our need to connect with others. It's much easier to bond with someone when you believe they are who they say they are. I also see the value in receiving helpful feedback from others and implementing it into our lives when appropriate and necessary.

Despite what I've written, please know that I have many family members and friends who do appreciate all that I am. I'm so grateful for their love and kindness! And I consider myself beyond extremely fortunate to be married to my one and only true love! My husband "gets" me on a level that no one else ever has or ever will. Greg's unconditional love, patience and understanding are gifts to me that can only be matched by Heaven! The fact that Greg and I are together—and raising our priceless children—means everything to me!!! (I know I'm a broken record at times, but I have to speak my mind!)

In the grand scheme of things, these little "I think you're insincere" incidents don't matter a whit! It's just when the initial shock of something unexpected happens that my sincere heart wants to cry! :'( Yet even though people might not understand what's truly going on inside Adrie World, I'll continue happily living my enthusiastic life every. single. day....until my days are finished! :)

I hope all of you people out in blogging land have a super happy day! (Including the blogger who made me feel like a disappointed little girl that dropped her fresh caramel apple in the crunchy dirt! Eww, gross!)


P.S. In case any of you were wondering, I can still do the splits! Ha ha. This photo was taken after church a few Sundays ago by my daughter, per my request. There was no special occasion for it. I just wanted to prove that, despite my age, I can still do some pretty cool stuff!

Many years from now, I hope to be like the amazing dancing granny in this awesome video by Alex Boye—it's another one of my all-time favorites!! Watch the fabulous 92-year-old lady do the splits beginning at 3:00. Enjoy! :)

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