Friday, March 4, 2016


Today, I must share the new-ish website I just joined: its name is Medium. (The actual link is You can find their app in Google Play and iTunes.) No, Medium didn't recruit me, and I'm not getting any sort of compensation for joining it. In fact, from what I've seen of Medium, there aren't any advertisements to be found on their website! Say what?! I simply stumbled upon it last year and visited occasionally over the past several months, but I wasn't really sure about joining Medium just yet. This morning, I finally decided to become a part of the Medium network because what they present makes sense to me. :)

While I'm still a total newbie at Medium, I'm cautiously excited about what I'll find there! Medium feels like a place I can stand behind. It doesn't seem like one of those write a snap thought/judgement/opinion social media sites like Twitter or Facebook—hooray for that! :) From what I've explored so far, Medium seems like a very thoughtful, genuine place on the internet—and I want to be there, too! Yay yay happy day!

I'm not trying to be rude to other social media websites (or the people who've worked so hard to create them), I'm just tired of people (the social media users) rambling off anything and everything just to get a "like" or a following, or for shock value. Happily, Medium seems more like a distinguished, peaceful library than a noisy flea market on a Saturday! Ha ha. Don't get me wrong because you all know I love shopping and finding awesome clearance deals! It's just that my soul deeply craves the in-depth personal stories/experiences/life lessons that are carefully written with positive purpose. I love it when people create goodness to share with the world, and I think Medium is a place where that's happening every day!

I won't have too much time to spend on Medium because my life is already filled to the brim(!), but I really like having a great place to go online when I have a little downtime and want to read what's inside someone else's brain. :)

Happy FriYAY to you all!

P.S. I couldn't help but create this typographic design in honor of my excitement for Medium's possibilities! :)

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