Wednesday, October 1, 2014

I Shall Continue!

Today is a big day for me.  I actually bought my own domain name,

This decision wasn't in my plans—at least not since I first began writing this blog. In fact, just a few weeks ago, I didn't know if I was going to even continue blogging.

During the 12 days between my posts Food & Communication to Meet the Mormons: I am one!, I fell into a blogging slump. You see, after completing one entire year of blogging, I wondered, "Does my blog make a difference to anyone at all? I mean, I love my blog, but I'm with me all the time anyway! (Ha ha.) I already know myself inside and out! Do my words even matter to anyone else? Is it worth all the time I spend creating posts, or, am I just wasting my time??" For, as you all know, my posts are not quick little snippets! Yes, it takes time to create all of this fun here on Enthusiastic Fantastic! ;)

I also set up my blog with advertisements. I naively thought, "Oh, I'll surely make a little something from this little endeavor!" My husband was in full agreement with me that it would be great if I could do what I love—blog—and make a little cash at the same time! We were both silently hopeful for our family's budget. :)

Um, yeah, the big cash payout has not happened—not even close! But I have to restate: it's never, ever been about the money. I truly love blogging just for the sake of blogging! Again, I was just very naive and thought I would make some least, anything more than $0.45! Yes, as of the date of this blog post, 45-cents is precisely what my Google AdSense account shows I've made for creating this little happy little spot in the universe. :)

I debated (separately) with Greg, my mom, and a good friend, about continuing my blog. They were reluctant to say they thought I should quit altogether. In fact, all three of them thought I should continue, even if it meant I was posting on a less-frequent basis. At the time, I thought they were just being nice to me. To clarify, I love that they're all so wonderful and nice to me! I just didn't want them to be that kind of nice, you know, fake nice. I hate fake nice! Thus, I'm so happy they were being true nice to me. :)

Then, last weekend, I was "shown" during three separate occasions that I was most definitely not to give up my blog. It was fascinating to experience the spiritual feelings I had in regard to my blog—in three different situations. My thoughts, Does this little blog really matter in the grand scheme of things?, had been answered with a resounding yes. Yay!

Interestingly, several months ago, I similarly wondered if I should be spending my free time (when my kids are at school, and I've finished all of my motherly/wifely duties) doing something else. At that time, I had the strong impression come to me, "Write on your blog until all of your stories have been written." So, I continued writing.

Hi! One would think that that clear impression/prompting would have been enough to keep me going, but I let doubt creep into my soul. (I'm guessing a rotten being called satan had something to do with it. By the way, I refuse to capitalize his name.) I won't let that happen again! :)

Yes, dear readers, after all of my silly hullabaloo, I shall continue blogging! Plus, it feels so amazingly cool to think that I own my own website name—that I created! *I'm still surprised that the domain name wasn't taken yet! Maybe no one else feels the need to express their enthusiasm like I do. He he ;)


  1. I'm glad you're not done! Your blog is refreshing and fun to read. Keep going you domain name owner you!

  2. Thank you, Jackie, I so appreciate your kind words! :)

  3. Congratulations, Adrie! And thanks for your courage...

    1. Thanks, Laura! Your words always make me smile! I just jumped over to read your first blog post in three years - it's great! I'm so glad we can still be blogging buddies! :)


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