Monday, October 20, 2014

The Evolution of a Soul

I don't have much time to write, but this thought has been swimming around in my head today, and I must get it out before I go grocery shopping! :)

One of the things I love most about life is watching people grow. I love watching babies grow into children, and witnessing children morph into adults. I love seeing the way babies learn by discovering their world. Oh, babies fill my soul with a happiness that I can't describe! Basically, every baby I've ever met I want to hold. I call it baby therapy. But I digress...

I simply can't get enough of children exploding into their personalities, for I believe every baby comes to earth with their personalities already firmly intact. All they need is to wait for their bodies to catch up—so their spirits can expand and fill every nook and cranny of their bones, brain cells and muscles! The growth every person goes through is absolutely astounding and marvelous! I truly can't get enough of witnessing this glorious process we call living!

My fascination with people doesn't end at watching only their physical changes. Even though adults are grown, and their bodies' cells begin their decline around age 25 (at least I think I read that statistic somewhere once), their souls continue to evolve.

As our bodies stop regenerating as effectively and beautifully as they once did, simultaneously our spirits are continuously expanding—becoming better by the day...if only we will allow them that chance! Yes, sometimes we are our own worst enemies! But if we take all of the knowledge we've gained through our life experiences, and apply it to bettering ourselves, wow, there are no limits as to what we can become!

The beauty of witnessing the evolution of a soul is truly something to behold—I daresay it is magically magnificent! Thus, I hope the people of our world will be patient with each other. I wish for all of us to be kinder...gentler. I would love it if we could see that everyone around us is evolving, and give them the benefit of every doubt we might have.

Obviously, we evolve at different rates. Some of us seem to be on the luge of life, speeding effortlessly on ice around every hairpin turn and never getting so much as a scratch! Others seem to be stuck thigh-deep in a swamp, struggling to progress even one inch to safety and happiness. At times we wonder if they will survive or be swallowed whole by the slimy muck that holds them prisoner. Life can be very sad when witnessing those destructive realities.

I think the greatest reward comes to those who continually and carefully stand by their loved ones—no matter how long or drawn out his or her evolution process takes. Patiently watching and waiting to offer unconditional love and support to those we care about is a gift to everyone involved...a gift that can never be quantified or matched!

I guarantee we will never regret graciously allowing others the time and space they need to become their best selves, but we will most assuredly lament their quiet weeping when we stubbornly refuse to accept their souls as-is. No. We must never contribute to a soul's broken heart, for that would ensure our sadness and remorse—possibly indefinitely!

*Granted, we must always preserve our personal safety (and the safety of those we love), but as long as our well-being isn't in jeopardy, there is nothing wrong with extending our own souls to support those in need.

Seriously, is there anything more fulfilling than knowing we've positively contributed to forever changing someone's life for the best?! I think not! :)

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