Friday, July 24, 2015

Hello, July!

Every day, I have many tasks to work on. I have projects waiting to be finished so I can flush them out of my consciousness. But over the past several weeks, I've had this insatiable craving to just hang out here on my blog. Oh, who am I kidding? My blogging desires are a daily occurrence! Ha ha. Yet time and again, my responsible adult side wins the battle in my "yellow" brain. Thus, my blog sits—quietly awaiting my return.

Make no mistake: it is a battle for me to not blog for hours every day! I'm sure my yellow self is constantly fighting to move my body in the direction of my computer, and every time I walk past the keyboard, it shouts and squeals its frustrations—always hoping for a better outcome next time. ;) *And no, I haven't seen Disney/Pixar's Inside Out, but I imagine it's probably pretty accurate compared to what happens in my head! Ha ha. :)

I know I've mentioned it before, but it's worth reiterating that I often walk through my house thinking, "I don't want to do anything!!! I just want to have FUN! Aah!" Inevitably, I do what needs to be done...even though I don't want to! Today, though, I'm going to blab for a little while. YAY! :)

So...hello, July! I can't believe you've come again so soon for a visit! I mean, I didn't get to spend very much time with June so I really hope I didn't hurt her feelings! That said, I'm surprised that you've been here 24 days already! Whoa. Are you sure you don't know how to speed up time without us knowing about it? I honestly feel like my kids just finished their last day of school! Yet here I sit, only one month away from sending my babies back to the care of their teachers. That thought makes my face look sad. In fact, thinking of my children back in school for nearly seven hours every day brings tears to my eyes, but I won't dwell on that right now. Instead, I'll be excited for the many days I've had and will have with my babies at home. :)

My little family and I have had so much fun this summer! The weather in Utah has been something to behold! We had such a rainy summer start that our mountains resembled Hawaii! Oh, they were spectacularly beautiful! Now our days and nights have become more "typical dry Utah," which makes me immensely happy!

Just last week, as I shook out our hair-cutting cape in the driveway, I looked up at the sky and wanted to squish the puffy clouds! I wanted to fly my body into the stunningly blue sky and never come down! I saw the cute little birds in my neighbor's bird feeder, breathed in our wonderfully-non-humid air, and instantly felt my heart swell with joy! I was near happy tears! Yes, July, I'm thrilled with the weather you've brought to Utah!

The past several weeks have been filled with memorable events—here are just a few:

  • track camp
  • track meet
  • basketball camp
  • multiple swimming lessons
  • happy extended family get-togethers
  • the birth of my precious niece
  • many late nights belly laughing with my children
  • deliciously cuddling with my sweetest husband
  • attending our little city's community play
  • watching Hale Centre Theatre's amazing production of The Little Mermaid
  • celebrating our beloved America and pioneer heritage

I've also enjoyed the many opportunities I've been given to serve others in my church and neighborhood. :) Yes, even amidst the busy-ness there is an underlying peace in my heart that cannot be squashed—despite my what my previous post might convey! ;)

Although, July, I must say that as much as I like you, one of our most important and joyous moments happened on June 15th. You see, that glorious date means we've been back living in our happy 70s home for two whole years! I'm amazed that time has flown so quickly.

I'm also relieved to say that my "Moving PTSD" has finally moved-on! Yes, my heart is absolutely, totally, and fully settled. I no longer have strange dreams, weird adrenaline rushes, or major stresses and worries like I did in Texas. I'm thankful every day for my now-peaceful heart!

I read somewhere that it takes, on average, two years to recover from a traumatic event. (For the life of me, I can't find the link. Sorry!) Obviously, there are umpteen more traumatic events than moving half-way across the country! ;) But for me, these past two years of living in Utah have been a healing golden balm to my soul.

I don't think anyone could ever truly understand how my heart hurt for so many years. I calculated the other day that my little family was in turmoil—in one form or another—from 2006–2015. Thus, my joy is that much more intense and mind-blowing simply because my little family is finally at peace...knock on wood! Ha ha. But in all seriousness, I'm grateful for all of our trials, for they make our good moments that much better! :)

July, another reason I love when you visit is because you bring my baby boy's birthday with you! Despite my worries that my youngest handsome son's birthday this year wasn't the greatest, he made my heart sing when he spoke these words, "Mom! This is the BEST birthday I've ever had!" And he really meant it! I could see pure joy in his contented face and I thought my heart would burst with happiness—endlessly spilling chocolate kisses all over everyone! ;) Oh, I was so happy to hear his words!

But July, the fun hasn't stopped yet! You see, just this past Tuesday, my husband and I were able to finally refinance our home's mortgage! Yippee! Hip hip hooray!!! It was truly such a huge day for Greg and me. You see, we've been wanting to refinance our home since 2012, but it just could not happen.

Greg really wanted to refinance our home last year (2014)—and on paper, it made perfectly rational sense to do that—but I kept receiving the spiritual impression (from the Holy Ghost) that the answer was definitely, "NO. Do not refinance your home—you need to wait." That wasn't the answer either of us wanted, but Greg agreed to wait because he knows how important it is to listen to my spiritual promptings. Oh, I adore Greg for his pure love and dedication to me! :) I love Greg for millions of other reasons, too, but you know what I mean. :)

This year when Greg said it was time to refinance our home, I prayed about it and didn't feel any spiritual stumbling blocks! Yay! I didn't get that big "NO" pit in my stomach like I did last year. Hooray! So I said, "Great! Greg, go ahead and initiate our refinance!" Of course I ended up doing all the paperwork because I take care of the finances in our household, but Greg perfectly blasted off our refinance rocket in the right direction. My diligent Greg works so smartly, brings home the bacon, and I do the rest! Ha ha. We make a really great team! I was totally overjoyed at how smoothly our refinance process went. I think this is the first time in years that I've really relaxed for an extended period of time—literally!

Yes, July, I think you're quickly becoming one of my favorite months! :) I'm glad you've made such a happy impact on our lives. Even though I'd love for you to stick around longer than seven more days, I understand that you need to make room for August and all of her changes...let's hope she brings good news with her!

And with that, my blogging friends, I must be on my way. Happy Friday night to you all! :)

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