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21 Years of Love Songs

Lately, I've been happily reminiscing about all of the love songs I've associated with my husband, Greg. I'm amazed to realize that I've been collecting these love songs for the past 21 years! (As of today, Greg and I have been married for 18 years and three+ months! Yes, I'm still counting!)

The songs listed below might help you catch a glimpse of the way my heart bursts with love for the man I have for eternity! I've listed the name of the song, artist, and when I was most enamored with the song—even though I still love listening to them all! :) I've included tidbits about many of my songs, but for time's sake, I left some without a description—but that doesn't mean I don't like them as much as the other songs! :)

Several of "my" songs might not seem like love songs to some people, but I associate all of them with Greg so they mean love to me!

I don't have my love songs arranged in the best order, as I looked on two different iPods to find them all. I have the majority of my songs on CDs, but I've purchased several on iTunes. I haven't purchased three of the songs on my list, but I plan to shortly! :)

There is no way for me to estimate how many times I've listened to these lovely songs because they are literally the soundtrack of my life! :) Without further ado, let's dive into another realm in my happiness kingdom! ;)

"Can You Feel The Love Tonight"– Elton John; The Lion King soundtrack: Teenager
*This song captured my heart when Greg and I went on our very first date, and it's still tightly hanging on! We asked my mom to sing it at our wedding breakfast, and my grandma played the piano for her. It was a lovely performance!

"Head Over Feet"– Alanis Morissette; Teenager
*Oh, this song instantly takes me back to the time my aching heart was missing Greg on his mission (in Fukuoka, Japan). When I first heard it, I had one of those moments where you think, "She wrote that song just for me!" It perfectly described the way Greg swept me off my feet! I listened to it a ton after I bought the CD. It is still one of my absolute favorite "Greg Love Songs"!
"You've already won me over in spite of me
And don't be alarmed if I fall head over feet
And don't be surprised if I love you for all that you are
I couldn't help it
It's all your fault"
"Song For You"– Alexi Murdoch; Colorado
*My sister introduced me to this song and it just really stuck with me. I especially loved listening to it when Greg was working and living in Utah while the kids and I were in Colorado waiting for our house to sell. It was a rough three months for all of us!

"When You Say Nothing At All"– Allison Krauss; Newlywed

"Take My Breath Away"– Berlin; Top Gun soundtrack; Newlywed
*Greg and I loved watching Top Gun as newlyweds! I think we secretly saw ourselves as the hot Maverick and Charlie! Ha ha.

"Tennessee Waltz"– Bresh/Jones; Colorado
*This simple and beautiful song makes me feel so peaceful, happy and I just want to dance with my Gregor in the kitchen! The link I shared above isn't the group I listed, but their version makes me blissfully happy!

"Hey Baby"– Bruce Channel; Dirty Dancing soundtrack; Newlywed
*This classic needs no explaining!

"Secret Garden"– Bruce Springsteen; Jerry Maguire soundtrack; Fiancee/Newlywed
*The first time I heard this song as an unattached woman, I became totally attached! Ha ha. In all seriousness, I couldn't think of anyone or anything else but Greg whenever I listened to Secret Garden!

"Lovefool"– The Cardigans; Romeo and Juliet soundtrack; Teenager/Fiancee
*I loved dancing to this song! I daydreamed about Greg every time I heard it! He was working in Las Vegas at the time, thus I missed him tremendously and this song felt very appropriate! :)

"The Power Of Love"– Celine Dion; Newlywed
*This mesmerizing love song perfectly described my feelings for my Gregor!

"When I Fall In Love"– Celine Dion; also the original Nat King Cole version; Teenager/Fiancee
*This song captured the way I view falling in love and eternal marriage!

"Because You Loved Me"– Celine Dion; Teenager
*This song makes me emotional to this day. The words are exactly what happened with Greg and me—well, except for losing my faith because I would never do that. Greg was and is everything to me!

"Seduces Me"– Celine Dion; Newlywed

"If That's What It Takes"– Celine Dion; Teenager
*This song describes my complete, utter and wholehearted dedication to my Gregor!

"My Heart Will Go On"– Celine Dion; Titanic soundtrack; Newlywed
*Yeah, I cried the first time I heard this song in the theater after watching Titanic for the first time with Greg. I couldn't help but think how brokenhearted I'd be if I ever lost Greg. The "I'll never let go!" moment was heart wrenching. I held Greg's hand throughout the entire movie! I don't cry when I hear the song now, but it definitely takes me back to our blessed newlywed years! This is yet another reason I'm so grateful for my eternal marriage—because Greg and I will never have to let go of each other!

"Clair De Lune"– Claude Debussy; Anytime! :)
*While it's not a love song, so-to-speak, I've played it (imperfectly) on the piano many times for my Gregor over the years. In my mind's eye, I see Greg laying on our couch with his eyes closed, listening to me play. And no, he's not sleeping! Ha ha. I have such happiness knowing Greg loves Clair De Lune as much as I do!

"Theme from Ice Castles"– David Glenn Hatch; Young Mother
*I adored this song when I was a little girl. Thus, I was thrilled when I found such a beautiful piano version of it on Mr. Hatch's album. While the words from the original version by Melissa Manchester aren't in this version, I memorized the words, so they automatically enter my mind whenever I hear it: they totally match the way I feel about Greg! :) "Knowing you're beside me, I'm all right."

"Theme From Somewhere In Time"– David Glenn Hatch; Anytime! :)
*I was given the Somewhere In Time video before I was married. Greg and I loved watching it together before we had children, so anytime I hear this song, I think of him!

"Somewhere Over The Rainbow"– Israel Kamakawiwo'ole; Utah, after Colorado
*This gorgeous version kept me going when Greg was looking for a new job after he knew he was going to be laid off. I don't know what it was about IZ's rendition, but it made me feel utterly happy, peaceful and sooo in love with my husband!

"Kissing You"– Des'ree; Romeo and Juliet soundtrack; Teenager
*I listened to this soulful and beautiful song when I was missing Greg while he was serving his mission in Japan. Of course it didn't help me in any way, it just made me miss him even more! Ha ha.

"I Love You Always Forever"– Donna Lewis; Teenager
*I still remember the first time I heard this song in my car when I lived in Michigan as a nanny. The afternoon sun was pouring through my window and I suddenly felt magical—like I was instantly connected to my Gregor, despite being 6,229 miles and an entire ocean away! This is where you'd hear me sigh... :)

"Danger High Voltage"– Electric Six; Colorado
*This song was played at my cousin's wedding (she's since divorced), I had such fun dancing to it with my extended family. My awesome sister put it on a mix CD for me! I love singing it with Greg—we still laugh saying that that song is about us because of our electric love! Ha ha.

"Wonderful Tonight"– Eric Clapton; Newlywed
*This song reminds me of Greg because he was always so kind every time I asked him what he thought of my outfit/hair/makeup. You laugh, but in the beginning of our marriage—and all of the uncertainty that goes with an entirely new life—Greg's unconditional love and complete adoration of me meant (and still means) everything!! I feel like a queen knowing Greg is unashamed to be attached to me for eternity! :)

"They Can't Take That Away From Me"– Frank Sinatra; Colorado
*I discovered Frank Sinatra in Colorado and quickly fell in love with his classic songs. This one describes how I feel about Greg and all of his fun habits/mannerisms. Of course, the way he's changed my life, no, nobody can take my happiness away from me! :)

"Baby's Got Sauce"– G. Love & Special Sauce; Teenager through today!
*I laughed out loud the first time I heard this song! You see, Greg has always loved how unpredictable, sassy, random, silly, outspoken, energetic and loving I am. Thus, "My baby's got sauce. Your baby ain't sweet like mine!" is the perfect description for Greg and me! :)

"A Wink And A Smile"– Harry Conick Jr.; Sleepless in Seattle soundtrack; Anytime! ;)
*There isn't much more to say other than Greg and I absolutely go together like a wink and a smile! Yes, these lyrics describe us perfectly!
"Now my heart is music, such a simple song
Sing it again, the notes never end
This is where I belong"

"London Rain"– Heather Nova; Newlywed
*I always felt attached to this song because Greg and I went through such amazing and big changes after we married. We were both so busy! I was working full-time; he was going to school full-time and working part-time. Heather's words are exactly how I felt about Greg!
"And when somebody knows you well
Well there's no comfort like that
And when somebody needs you
Well there's no drug Iike that
So keep me, keep me
In your bed all day, all day
Nothing heals me like you do"
"Isn't It Romantic"– Jack Jones; Newlywed
*I listened to this song a lot, as it was on a romantic CD I bought. It made me think endlessly about Greg! It's a really sweet, classic song. :)

"ABC"– The Jackson 5; Newlywed
*This happy song makes me dance, and I danced to it a lot when I first got the CD! Greg frequently laughed at me when I got my groove on to "ABC," but it was always done with complete kindness and adoration. :)

"Something In The Way She Moves"– James Taylor; Teenager
*I changed the pronouns in this song to be "Something in the way he moves..." because I literally felt so much better when Greg was around me! Whether Greg sent me a letter (while he was on his mission), or called me on the phone, or took me on a date, these words "I feel fine anytime [he's] around me now, [he's] around me now almost all the time. And if I'm well you can tell [he's] been with me now." were totally applicable. Yep, that's me!

"You've Got A Friend"– James Taylor; Teenager/Fiancee/Newlywed
*This song brings such happy little tears to my eyes because Greg is exactly this song to me. He was there for me when we were dating before he left on his mission; he was there for me when he was on his mission; he was there for me after he came home from Las Vegas. Yes, Vegas was a rough time for me because he was so busy working. And Greg has always been there for me since we've been married. We're not perfect, but our love for each other makes up for our imperfections!

"Gotta Find You"– Joe Jonas; Camp Rock soundtrack; Utah, after Colorado
*Even though this song is from a Disney movie, I instantly associated it with my Gregor, for we are each other's "missing pieces." We must be together in order to be complete! #cheesefest! ;)

"Hello Beautiful"– Jonas Brothers; Utah, after Colorado
*Change the location of the song and it fits Greg and I perfectly! I didn't discover "Hello Beautiful" until after we moved from Colorado to Utah, but oh, I could've really used this song while I was apart from my Gregor!

"Stay"– Lisa Loeb; Teenager
*This might seem like a strange love song, but I listened to it a lot when Greg was on his mission and I missed him so dearly! "Stay" simply reminds me of my love. :)

"A Kiss To Build A Dream On"– Louis Armstrong; Sleepless in Seattle soundtrack; Teenager
*Oh, I had many daydreams of Greg when I listened to this song! "Weavin' romances...makin' believe they're true..." Yes, that was me playin' make-believe while Greg was on his mission! Ha ha.

"I'll Remember"– Madonna; Teenager
*This is another one of those "I miss Greg so much!" songs. It portrayed how I felt about remembering Greg and his love for me. "I'll remember the way that you changed me." If I really stop and think about it, it's utterly amazing to think about how Greg has changed me for the better!

"Always Be My Baby"– Mariah Carey; Teenager
*I identified with this song when it was released because Greg was on his mission and I had great hope that we would end up together when he came home! Gee, I love it when I'm right! ;) "Our love will never die...oooh, darlin' 'cause you'll always be my baby." E.x.a.c.t.l.y. :)

"You Are Not Alone"– Michael Jackson; Teenager
*Of course, I immediately thought of Greg whenever I heard this song because he was in Japan when it was released. I probably sound silly, but I imagined my Gregor singing it to me! :)

"For You I Will"– Monica; Space Jam soundtrack; Fiancee
*This song was released before Greg came home from Las Vegas and before he proposed to me. I closely identified with its lyrics because I had (and have!) complete commitment and adoration for my Gregor—exactly like the song describes! :) I even mailed a care package to Greg in Las Vegas that included the Space Jam soundtrack CD. I wrote a card to go with it because I wanted Greg to know that I felt exactly about him as Monica sings in the song!

"Stardust"– Nat King Cole; Sleepless in Seattle soundtrack; Teenager
*Even though I saw Sleepless in Seattle before I met Greg, I bought the soundtrack, loved it, and listened to it all the time. Thus, when Greg left on his mission, I immediately attached "Stardust" to my missing him. :)

"Buon Giorno Princeipessa"– Nicola Piovani; Life is Beautiful soundtrack; Newlywed
*Greg and I saw this movie together and I cried my eyes out! Greg, on the other hand, didn't really like the movie! Ha ha. That said, I absolutely loved the music and just had to have the soundtrack. What I loved most about this song is the fact that they played it in the movie (or a version of the melody) every time the main character was showing love to his wife. And I felt so very loved by my Gregor—still do! :)

"Come What May"– Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor; Moulin Rouge! soundtrack; Young Mother
*One thing I enjoy about my Gregor is that he has always thought I resemble Nicole Kidman—wow, I love his compliment! Thus, we had to see Moulin Rouge! together! While I didn't necessarily connect to the movie's story (I was deeply disturbed by the fact that Nicole's character died from tuberculosis—love stories that end with someone dying suck! Ha ha.), I love "Come What May" because Greg and I feel exactly that way about each other!
"Never knew I could feel like this
Like I've never seen the sky before
Want to vanish inside your kiss
Everyday I love you more and more
Listen to my heart, can you hear it sings
Telling me to give you everything"
Yes, even though I'm writing about the love songs I associate with Greg, I know he feels 100% the same way about me! :) The only words I would change in this song are: "I will love you throughout eternity!"

"Wonderwall"– Oasis; the Ryan Adams cover, too; Fiancee through today!
*This is one of Greg's favorite songs, thus, every time I hear it, I think of Greg. :)

"Canon In D"– Pachelbel; Newlywed
*Per my request, my brother played this at Greg's and my wedding breakfast! I can't help but think of our amazing and lovely wedding day whenever I hear this song!

"The Rain Tree"– Peter Breinholt: Colorado; Utah, Texas
*This hauntingly beautiful song might not seem like an obvious love song, but I associated it to Greg's and my love. We were "hanging on for dear life" when we lived in Texas—doing our very best to live our lives well, but wondering what was going on and how our lives would resolve? (I was definitely worse off than Greg in this area, he took all of our struggles in great stride.) Thus, to me, "The Rain Tree" represented the possibility that our lives would somehow be fixed and put in their proper place again: much like, "...that old rain tree is waiting so still." My explanation probably doesn't make sense to anyone else but me! Ha ha. Here is "The Rain Tree" so you can experience its loveliness!

"Let My Love Open The Door"– Pete Townsend; Newlywed

"Come Rain Or Come Shine"– Ray Charles; Young Mother
*This song meant so much to me when Greg and I were new parents. Life was so busy and chaotic when we were raising our little darlings—we had three children by the time our oldest son was four years and two months old! Yes, birthing and caring for three babies in four years was quite tiring and challenging! Thus, this song spoke to my soul because of course Greg and I continually and unconditionally loved each other without question! This was my favorite line to describe our love:
I'm with you always...I'm with you rain, or shine!

"Unchained Melody"
– The Righteous Brothers; Newlywed

"Ice Cream"– Sarah McLachlan; Teenager/Fiancee

"I Love You"– Sarah McLachlan; Fiancee
*There was a time when Greg and I were engaged when I went through a bit of a hard time. I felt like I was "losing" myself because I was trying so hard to do everything within my power to make Greg happy—even at the expense of my own feelings or opinions. After feeling frustrated at the path I had chosen, I realized that I had to take a step back and remember who I was and what I wanted out of life. I was terrified to tell Greg of my issues because of what I thought that might mean for the future of our relationship. Yet I knew that Greg adored me, I knew he wanted to know every bit of my heart! While I was debating what to do, this song played in my mind quite a bit. The good news is, I finally became brave enough to tell Greg everything I was feeling. I said something to the effect of, "I don't know what this means for us...I just know I need to express my feelings more. I need to do what I want to do, instead of always deferring to you, or asking what you want to do." Greg took it all so well, and frankly, I think he was totally surprised that I was feeling "lost." He lovingly said something like, "I love you, Adrie! I totally support you! Do whatever it is that you need to do! You have nothing to worry about." And that was the end of it. Greg never questioned me, never made me feel less-than, or insecure. This experience made me realize that I could trust Greg with literally everything in my life—and with my very life! :)

"I'm Yours"– The Script; Utah, after Colorado

"Kiss From A Rose"– Seal; Teenager

"Strong Enough"– Sheryl Crow; Teenager
*Anytime I hear this song, I get emotional! The first time I heard it as a teenager I unquestioningly loved it! And of course, I couldn't help but relate it to Greg and our new love. I was so emotional back in the day (Okay, not much has changed! Ha ha.) that I worried Greg would tire of me and my enthusiastic, dramatic, passionate personality. Yet, time and again, Greg showed he was most definitely strong enough to be my man! The best part is this: Greg has been my rock through the past 18+ years of marriage, and I know he'll be strong enough to be my man throughout eternity!

"I Shall Believe"– Sheryl Crow; Teenager
*Again, whenever I hear this amazingly beautiful song, I get emotional! :) "I Shall Believe" totally applied to how I felt about Greg when I was a teenager—especially when I was missing him when he was a missionary in Japan. The line, "I know it's true, no one heals me like you, and you hold the key." was 100% how I felt about Greg's wonderful love for me. The line, "Please say honestly, you won't give up on me...and I shall believe." was also exactly how I felt: dearly hoping Greg would still choose me when he came home from Japan! I love knowing Greg is dedicated to me forever!

"As I Lay Me Down"– Sophie B. Hawkins; Teenager
*I first heard this song when I was a nanny in Michigan. I was shocked at how much it reminded me of Greg and the beautiful dreams I had of our future together. I couldn't play it enough, and I never tired of it...especially this line, "Though it's not clear to me, every season has its change, and I will see you when the sun comes out again!"

"When We Dance"– Sting; Young Mother

"Fields Of Gold"– Sting; Teenager

"The Way You Look Tonight"– Tony Bennett; Newlywed
*I played this song a lot after Greg and I were married. I loved how it applied to the way Greg made me feel. Like I said before, he made me feel loved and beautiful every single day—and that hasn't changed! :)

"You And Me Song"– The Wannadies; Romeo and Juliet soundtrack; Teenager
*This song is a little on the slow side to begin with, but then it's full-on hyper love!—just like Greg and I began our love story! Plus, I can't help but love their chorus, "And it's always you and me always, and forever!" because that's exactly the situation Greg and I have purposely put ourselves in! :)

"You and Me"You+Me; Utah, after Texas
*I was searching for the previous song on YouTube, and I stumbled across this gem of a jewel! I was "dying" at its awesome lyrics, harmonies and vocal qualities. Not to mention, "You and Me" just so happened to be released/published right around the date of Greg's and my 17th anniversary! Coincidence? I think not! It could have been written about Greg and me! Ha ha. It's such an amazing song, I must include it here. If you haven't heard of it, you must listen to it post haste! This will most definitely be my next iTunes download! :)

"Gettin' In Tune"– The Who; Jerry Maguire soundtrack; Newlywed
*I bought the Jerry Maguire soundtrack after Greg and I saw the movie together. (That was before we came to our senses and stopped watching rated R movies. Hey, we were young and still learning about what was good for our souls!) I felt attached to this song not only because of my blissful memories of seeing the movie with Greg, but also because of the lyrics, "I'm in tune, right in tune. I'm in tune. And I'm gonna tune right in on you!" You see, Greg was (and is) always so in tune with me! It didn't matter what I was feeling, he immediately understood me—which is the loveliest feeling!

"As Long As You Love Me"– Justin Bieber; Texas
*Oh, this song makes me smile! During our last year of living in Texas, Greg and I always referred to this song because we were so tight on money. Mr. Bieber's words were and are applicable to Greg's and my love for each other! We are most definitely more valuable to each other than platinum, silver and gold!
"As long as you love me
We could be starving, we could be homeless, we could be broke
As long as you love me
I'll be your platinum, I'll be your silver, I'll be your gold"!
"Black Stallion"– George Winston; Texas
*The Black Stallion is one of Greg's favorite movies we own. Thus, I was thrilled to find the theme song on George Winston's album that I bought while living in Texas! It is such a gorgeous song, I can't get enough of it. Of course, it reminds me of my Gregor every time I hear it!

"Burning Love"– Wynona Judd; Lilo and Stitch soundtrack; Young Mother

"God Only Made One Of You"Justin Cash; Texas
*This song must be shared with the world! I was introduced to it by my friend who did the harmony/backup vocals for Mr. Cash's album! Her voice is truly beautiful, I think she should record her own album one day! Anyway, back to Greg...yes, this song instantly made me think of my sweetest husband! "The very same day that I lose you, will be the same day I lose myself." I try not to think about that possibility...

"Home"– Phillip Phillips; Texas
*This song's lyrics were so applicable to the way I felt about Greg while our little family lived in Texas, for example,
"Hold on to me as we go...
As we roll down this unfamiliar road
Just know you're not alone
'Cause I'm gonna make this place your home...
Settle down, it'll all be clear..."
Yes, despite my worries—for two years and two+ months—about where we'd end up living, Greg was my rock. He was always there for me and eased my fears every step of the way. I'm eternally grateful for my husband's awesomeness! :)

"I Will"– The Beatles; Utah, after Texas
*Again, this song might not seem like a traditional love song for Greg and me, but let me explain. You see, right after we moved back from Texas, I attended my mom's choir concert. As I heard this song, I couldn't help but get teary-eyed because of these lovely words,
"Love you forever and forever
Love you with all my heart
Love you whenever we're together
Love you when we're apart"
This year, 2015, those lyrics were particularly applicable because Greg has had to travel quite a lot for his company. When I really think about our years together, I could write a novella about how much I've been apart from Greg, simply missing him! :'(

"Island In The Sun"– Weezer; Texas
*When I hear this happy song, I think of my Gregor and the fabulous family vacation we had in Florida. It was so wonderful escaping with my Gregor for those eight days! Our Florida excursion made me forget my Texas woes. :) The lyrics, "We'll never feel bad anymore," were totally applicable!

"Love Somebody"– Maroon 5; Texas
*I don't know if I've shared on this blog that Adam Levine's looks reminds me of my Gregor? Well, they do. :) I remember the first time I saw Maroon 5 perform on the Today Show. Mr. Levine had short hair like Greg's and was wearing a white, button-down, short-sleeved shirt with a skinny black tie and black pants. He looked so much like my Gregor does on Sundays that I instantly did a double take! I was like, "WHAT IS MY HUSBAND DOING ON THE TODAY SHOW??!!" Ha ha. Anyway, ever since then, I seem to equate Adam Levine to my husband—even though their morals are completely opposite! And thank goodness my husband has impeccable morals, for I would go crazy if he made bad choices. :) That said, this song just does it for me! I envision my Gregor singing it to me and I'm utterly smitten! Ha ha. Yes, Greg and I both fell for each other, and we've never been the same! "...If I fall for you, I'll never be the same..."

"Lullaby"– George Winston; Texas

"Make You Feel My Love"– Adele (original song by Bob Dylan); Utah, after Texas
*Surprise, surprise! I get emotional when I hear this song! Not to be repetitive, but those beautiful lyrics are exactly how Greg and I feel about each other! There is nothing better than identical love!
"...I will hold you for a million years
To make you feel my love...
...I could make you happy, make your dreams come true
Nothing that I wouldn’t do
Go to the ends of the earth for you
To make you feel my love"

"Shelter From The Storm"– Bob Dylan; Newlywed

"Somebody To Love"– Queen; Colorado

"Someone To Watch Over Me"– Frank Sinatra; Colorado

"A Thousand Years"– Christina Perri; Texas
*Oh, wow, I don't have enough time to gush about this song and how it relates to my Gregor! Suffice it to say, just know that I wrote an entire post on my Adrie World blog about how Greg's and my love story rivals Bella and Edward's in "Twilight"! Ha ha. I'm still debating whether or not to publish it here on Enthusiastic's pretty cheesy! Anyway, yes, I will love Greg longer than two thousand years. I will love Greg for eternity!

"The Way You Make Me Feel"– Michael Jackson; Young Mother

"Budapest"– George Ezra; Utah, after Texas
*I recently discovered this song and immediately fell in love with it! Greg really likes it, too! :) Greg found the lyrics for me because I was singing it in the shower and didn't know exactly what George was singing! We couldn't help but laugh, for we are precisely Mr. Ezra's lyrics:
"But, for you
I'd lose it all."
As Greg so aptly put it, "We've already lost it all for each other!" Yes, Greg and I have given everything for our love story!

"Wildest Dreams"– Taylor Swift; Utah, after Texas
*It didn't take me long to put this in the top tier of my "Greg Love Songs"—which is a total surprise to me since I've never been a fan of Taylor Swift before! True story. Granted, she's being totally immoral in her song, and I would never, ever be that way, but whenever I hear Wildest Dreams, I daydream somethin' fierce about my husband and me! I envision us staring at the sunset together, me in a nice dress, and Greg looking handsome as all-get-out! ;) One of the reasons I love Wildest Dreams is because I've had the love of my life in my world for 21 years, and it's a little scary to see how quickly time has passed. While I don't feel old yet, time is ticking away. Thus, I can absolutely relate to when Taylor sings,
"Say you'll remember me standing in a nice dress,
Staring at the sunset, babe
Red lips and rosy cheeks
Say you'll see me again
Even if it's just in your wildest dreams, ah-ha, wildest dreams, ah-ha."
Even though Ms. Swift is talking about a man she can never have—and I will have my husband forever—I feel precisely that way about Greg and me! For I know, one day, our lives together will become shorter. Sadly, there will come a time on this earth when one of us will be without the other. I hope and pray a bazillion times over that that tragic day doesn't come for another 50+ years, but the sad fact is, we were never given a warranty on our lives. There are no guarantees on how long our bodies will last. :'( Thus, whether I go first, or Greg goes first, I absolutely want Greg to say he'll remember me in the glorious prime of our lives!! I dearly want Greg to remember the greatest love story he's ever known because we're the stars of it! :)

Well, I've finally made it to the end of my love songs—it's been a delicious walk down memory lane! I'm certain there will be more songs to add to my list in the future, and I'm excited for that! Thank you, talented musicians of our world—I appreciate your amazing gifts so much!

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