Sunday, September 9, 2018

Enthusiastic Fantastic is Now Ad-Free!

If you've visited Enthusiastic Fantastic recently, you may have noticed that I no longer show advertisements anywhere on my site! Woohoo! 😄 As I wrote in my newly created "Donate" page, I've never made any real money through Google's AdSense program, and I was always annoyed with the advertisements that were embedded in my blog, so I decided to discontinue allowing ads on my blog! It's so exciting, right?! I've also now included my PayPal.Me link for anyone who would like to contribute to my happy little blogging endeavor! Yay for PayPal, and yay for me going ad-free! 😊

It was a big decision to remove my AdSense ads, but one that was relatively easy to make. After researching and experimenting with my blog for yearsI put in so much work for such a long time!—I realized that my happy little blog will never be as successful as those blogs that rake in enough dough to support a family and additional employees. You see, I'm simply not willing to do what's required to make that kind of big blogging money. I must and will always stay true to myself and my strong personality/feelings with every blog post I compose!

As I've said before, I was never looking to make a living at blogging when I created Enthusiastic Fantastic five years ago. Yet I absolutely know that my words matter, and I'm supposed to be contributing to our society through my blog posts and typographic designs! I know I've dropped the ball with my lack of blog posts these past couple of years; I'm really going to try to be better at writing blog posts from here on out!

Thus, seeing that I spend quality time and money creating content and keeping my website up and running (My time is precious!), I decided it couldn't hurt to include a donation page where people can say "Thank you!" monetarily speaking. And please let me say right up front that my little family and I seriously, sincerely, and very genuinely appreciate any donation amount(s) given!

Because of this momentous change, I'm so happy when I visit Enthusiastic Fantastic and see zero advertisements now! My lovely little ad-free spot on the Internet is a huge breath of fresh air from the rest of the online madness that's filled with pop-up ads galore. I love seeing only things I feel passionate about and have carefully chosen to include on my blog! I'm thrilled not to feel the urge to check my AdSense account balance anymore! Yeah yeah yeah! I love knowing that no other company has anything to do with Enthusiastic Fantastic—it's mine, all mine(!)—which is just how it should be. Yes, indeedy! 😀

Because of my newfound, blissful clarity (my ad-free blog 😊), I'm hoping that more of us will choose to spend a little more time here—at least I'm really going to try! Wish me luck with refining my time-management skills! 😄

I hope you and yours are doing well and enjoying every minute of your special lives! Have a great day! 😘

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